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" Music to me is like breathing. I don't get tired of   breathing, I don't get tired of music."
  - Ray Charles


jasonryan has played in many countries around the world to include Germany, Morocco, Italy, Japan, Korea, and Senegal just to name a few. However, jasonryan was born in Southern California, raised in Northern California and perfected in  the city of Oakland.  


Growing up, his mother would fill their home with sounds from the likes of Grover Washington Jr., George Howard and John Coltrane. At the tender age of 10, jasonryan began to play the saxophone.


jasonryan wanted to take what he heard at home to his spiritual home. His church emphatically embraced his musical desire, leading someone from the congregation to donate a saxophone to him. jasonryan taught himself how to play the saxophone by reading “How To” books and playing to cassettes.


Exuding a tenacity and drive well beyond his years allowed him to meet many well-respected artist. These artist included George Howard, Najee, Oakland’s very own J. Spencer, and George “Jazzbo” Spencer just to name a few. These well respected musicians took precious time away from their own careers and helped mold not only the jasonryan sound, but his musical style as well. These individuals had the most influential impact on his musical journey and allowed jasonryan to grace the stage with them starting at the young age of 14.


jasonryan later went on to intern for Interscope Records. While working for Interscope in their private studio, jasonryan began to hone his audio engineering skills. This experience provided him with the opportunity to work with some of the greatest artist in hip hop and r&b, and some of the best engineers in the world, like Joe Worlick.


With the release of his debut album "The Day Before", and specifically with tracks like "Forbidden" and "Hey You" the melodies of this mans heart, combined with the pure essence of real hip hop and jazz, take you to a place where you can let go and lose your inhibitions.


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"My music is the spiritual expression of what I  am: my faith, my knowledge, my being."
 - John Coltrane 
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